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An unforgettable touch...

Ladies night in...

Pamper yourself and your friends with a massage. At a massage party you get to enjoy the company of your friends and the relaxing benefits of massage. Massage parties range anywhere between 3-12 people. Each person can receive a 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute massage. You may also add aromatherapy to your party.

Planning the party...

Need help planning the rest of your party or having a theme for your party?

There are many ways you can spend the time before and after your massage. Combine your party with one of your other favorite parties. You can have a movie night, smoothies, parfaits, cards, or just hangout and enjoy the company of your friends.

Need a theme?

Pamper party- have party favors or prizes so the pampering can continue after the party

Anti-football party - perfect for the day of the big game and bowl games.

Freedom party- Kids going back to school or is it a boys weekend?

Movie Night- have massages while watching your favorite movies

Ice cream sundae party- No better way to top a night off after a massage then your favorite ice cream and toppings.

Wine tasting party- Be completely relaxed by having a glass of wine after your massage.

Bridal Party or Shower

Ready to be Pampered?

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Gift certicates can be used when paying for your massage party.