Massage by Valerie Scarberry

An unforgettable touch...


Raise money for your organization with massage. There are two different options that you can chose from to raise money.


1. You can sell gift certificates and receive a portion of the proceeds.

2. Book a day of massages at your location.

3. You can do both options.

It is a great and easy way to raise money to pay for parties, formals, retreats, recruitment, and help pay your groups financial bills.

*Gift Certificates- All must be sold to people in the Central Ohio area or used in the Central Ohio area. If a location is in question just ask to find out if the certificate can be redeemed in that area. Gift certificates are $60 and your group will receive $15 for each one they sell. Sell 10 and your group just raised $150.

Example: Your group has 20 members and each one sells four gift certificates you just raised $1,200.

*Masssage Day- Have a massage day at your location for 6-8 hours. Schedule 6-8 60 minute massages or 12-16 half hour massages for the day. Pricing is $60 for a 60 minute massage and $30 for a half hour massage. You will receive $20 an hour. That is $120-$160 that you can raise in just one day. All you have to do is provide one room for the day for the massages and book the day of clients. I will provide the rest.

Don't know who you could sell to?



*Staff and Faculty

*Friends and Family


*Church members


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