Massage by Valerie Scarberry

An unforgettable touch...

Massage in the workplace...

Bringing massage to your office benefits both the company and the employees. Get an edge on the competition by enhancing the performance and health of your number one asset, your employees. Regular massage equals good health, and good health equals a more-relaxed, more-efficient workforce.

Studies show...

Studies have shown that stress is the number one cause of disability. 40 % of job turnover is due to stress. (2) In a national survey 70% of workers surveyed stated that their job is very stressful. Employers spend billions of dollars every year on healthcare cost and loss in productivity. Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments, and $95 billion in lost productivity per year. (1)Over 50% of lost work days are stress related. (1)


1.Occupational Health and Safety news and the National Council on compensation Insurance (U.S.A.)  2. American Institute of Stress


Company Benefits...

~Decreases stress related turnover

~Improves employee retention

~Improves company morale

~Decreases Absenteeism: Increase resistance to illness

~Decreases repetitive Stress Symptoms: Carpal tunnel, Tendonitis

~Help recruit top talent

~Improves job satisfaction

~Improves company health

~Improves Human Resources

~Award performance to maintain valuable employees




Employee Benefits...

~Improves Immune system

~Relaxes muscle tension and pain

~Improves creativity and problem solving

~Improves attitude and decrease aggression

~Relieves fatigue

~Improves accuracy in job performance

~Increases capacity for clear thinking

~Increases blood and lymph circulation

~Improves appearance of skin

~Stimulates or soothes nerves

~Improves sleep

Reduce turnover...

Energize your workplace monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or several times a week. All options help keep your employees feeling less stress, happy, and they will have better health.


Choose between 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute, 30 minute, or even 60 minute sessions for your employees. You can motivate your team with chances to win longer sessions for top performers.


Rates will include transportation, set-up and take down time, relaxation music and massage services.


If you decide on a longer session for your employees you may add aromatherapy lotion for an additional charge.


Massage services are also available at company picnics, employee appreciation week and seminars. And keep people at your booth longer at job fairs and trade shows by offering massage.


For a free consultation to select the perfect fit for your company and pricing call today.